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FWC Personal Training is a one stop fitness shop for clients who really want to see results. We offer a variety of services that include, but are not limited to, fitness programs and nutritional guidance. If you are ready to commit to your body and the goals you set, we are the perfect company to help you do so.  Our facilities create a family atmosphere and allow you to have maximum focus so that you can reach your fitness goals. Our trainers are certified and passionate about their careers. This will ensure that you are getting the proper instructions and motivational push you will need to succeed.  Join our Fitness Family Now!


In 2012 FWC Personal Training was started in the trunk of Owner Chris White’s truck. All he had was vision and a persistent work ethic that would help grow FWC into a brand known for helping thousands of people transcend into healthier lifestyles.  FWC Personal Training is going into it’s fifth year of providing world class training and nutritional services to our clients.

FWC Motivational Quotes


“Strive for progress, not perfection.”


“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”


“Every journey begins with a single step, but you’ll never finish if you don’t start”


“Don’t wish for it work for it”


“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday”


“Sweat is just your fat crying”


After a successful All-American collegiate and Professional football career, Chris began his Personal Training career. Chris’ experience in sports planted a seed that led his drive to learn more about fitness and take his expertise to another level. He studied for and became ACSM certified as a health & fitness specialist.

Chris has had the opportunity to work with many strength and conditioning coaches as well as fitness trainers and developed his own set of beliefs and practices that will help people reach their optimal fitness goals. Chris became the #2 trainer in the state of Indiana with over 25 clients and a 3.70% client attrition rate. Chris decided to furthered his education and he is now CPFC (Certified Personal Fitness Chef) and FNC (Fitness Nutrition Coach)

Chris White
Speaking Engagements
Chris White, the CEO of FWC, has educated countless individuals on living a healthier lifestyle. He is knowledgeable on all facets of fitness, obesity, and nutrition. Chris was a member of Toastmasters and has elevated his public speaking to a dynamic level that will inspire audiences to get of their comfort zone and accomplish their goals. You will not regret the experience if they get the chance to hear him speak. His mission is to inspire and motivate audiences to believe and achieve their goals.
Chris White
Speaking Engagements
Chris WhiteFounderChris WhiteSpeaking Engagements