Welcome To Fit With Chris
FWC Personal Training
Welcome To Fit With Chris
FWC Personal Training

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Success Stories

Heena Patel Where to start? To say that Chris White has been a life saver is an understatement. My husband hired Chris and had fantastic results within 3 months. (Lost 35 lbs and more than 11% body fat.) After much cajoling by my husband, I walked into Chris’ office in September 2012 weighing just over […]

[inwave_infor_banner title=”Cardio” description=”Most people relate cardio to being boring and tedious. At FWC we like to make it a lot more interactive and fun. We use several different functional movements to replace the traditional style of cardio. We will NOT just put you on a treadmill or elliptical and let you go for 30 minutes. By the time our clients are done they won’t even realize they have done cardio.” layout=”layout4″ img=”1789″ class=”boxing-card”]

[inwave_infor_banner title=”WEIGHTLIFTING” description=”We believe in F.O.E which stands for form over everything. We want our clients to understand that they should never compromise their form for weight or repetitions. We teach proper techniques so that our clients are getting maximum results from their workouts.” layout=”layout4″ img=”248″ class=”yoga-card”]